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Beros Photo for memories to keep for a long time

My interest in technology and art made photography my passion. I started photography with a Chinon automatic film camera, sometime when I was very young. Why did I want to get a camera for my birthday that year? Maybe it was because I was young enough to follow fashion and sensitive enough to fashionable things. Because, well, that's important at that age, isn't it. :-) And then the automatic camera was approx. the contemporary iPhone. Because the Walkman era is over. This is the mid 80's...

In the beginning, I took pictures of family members, friends and my surroundings. My very first picture was taken of our chicken yard.. Over time, I developed my own personal style, in which I try to show the smallest details in the most detailed way. I love captured moments, I prefer them to set situations. For me, the most beautiful task is to capture the soul of a person in a portrait. Besides I'm interested in everything that has wheels, whether it's made of iron or concrete. And or..

In 2021, Andi and I both started working as photographers, which we didn not regret for a moment. We meet great people, it's a pleasure to work with everyone. Personally, what I enjoy most about this is how the characters slowly dissolve in front of the machine and come out from behind the mask and show themselves. Well, then the pictures will be taken that will become profile pictures and posters on the wall, etc., etc.

For a preliminary consultation, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can take the best possible pictures of you.

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