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Image by Kelli McClintock


Twenty years from now, how important memories will these be...

At Beros Photo, we offer several photography packages so that everyone can find the right service for them.

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A photo shoot is not necessarily good if it's damn expensive. That is why we at Beros Photo offer you pleasant prices to take beautiful photos and memories with your family.

Come with your family or as a couple, bring your friends, find me at bachelorette parties, bachelorette parties, bachelorette parties, christenings, graduations, proms or trips, bring your grandparents to have a nice photo with them. We welcome dogs and cats as well.

Find us, book your appointment today!

We offer two packages:

  1. Large package - HUF 50,000
    120 minutes of photography, of which...
    20 elaborate images online
    If the kids are a little impatient, then...

  2. Small package - HUF 30,000
    45 minutes of photography, of which...
    12 elaborate images online




The portrait picturing of people is a special genre, and for us it is only more important to take expressive photos of the person being photographed. We at Beros Photo will do everything to make you satisfied.

Contact me to create your own portrait, whether for your resume or career. Regarding photographing family members so that  memories remain for everyone. 

We are also happy to make a class picture.

Contact us today!

Portrait photography - HUF 20,000

30 minutes of photography, of which...

10 elaborate images online


For me, such a photo shoot is full of local ideas, and in the end the adventure is formed, the story through shared experiences.

Come and let's take your city or forest photos together, we can go to a factory, racetrack, fashion show, sports hall, swimming pool, anywhere.

Let's meet on site and..

  1. Photography - HUF 40,000
    100-120 minutes of photography, of which...
    18 elaborate images online

  2. Drop-off fee: HUF 150/km
    (Erd - measured on public roads - outside the 40km area)



If you want a photo shoot with a special atmosphere or effect, we are looking for a special studio.

These studios range from romantic through glamor and Soho style to minimal or black rooms, with showers and light tunnels if necessary.

Studio photography - HUF 50,000

120 minutes of photography, of which...

25 elaborate images online

It is important to know that the rental fee of the selected location is added to the above price, which is usually HUF 8,000/hour.


The purpose and essence of boudoir photography is to show yourself or your loved one in an intimate way. We are talking about sexy pictures in underwear, in which we will find the most advantageous way to present you. The goal can be to present a period, a state, or perhaps to increase self-confidence and strengthen self-image.

As one of my dear models said, this program should be prescribed for most women. 

Technically, this looks like we discuss in advance what style you like, what the options are and then we take the pictures in a nicely decorated photo studio in a discreet environment. You can change clothes, change clothes and underwear in a separate changing room.

Boudoir photography, in a rented studio

  1. Photography - HUF 50,000
    100-120 minutes of photography, of which...
    18 elaborate images online

  2. Studio rent (variable): about HUF 8,000/hour
    Location will be selected during the meeting.



Play with the lights on your body.

These few hours are all about you!

We can make a memory of who you are then and there, we can make a surprise album for your loved one, or just show you your own beauty.

We discuss the ideas in advance and show your romantic side in a beautiful, sunny photo studio, or show the contours of your body in suggestive pictures.

After seeing the pictures, you will praise your decision for deciding to do this photo shoot.

Boudoir photography, in a rented studio

  1. Photography - HUF 50,000
    100-120 minutes of photography, of which...
    18 elaborate images online

  2. Studio rent (variable): about HUF 8,000/hour
    Location will be selected during the meeting.


How will it be with us?


Where and how and the payment

The photography takes place in Érd, at the booked and confirmed time.

Book now if you haven't already!

There is a parking lot in front of the house.

Payment can be made on site, in cash or by bank transfer. Reference: Beros Ervin, Unicredit Bank



How do you get it?

  • After taking the photos, I ask for a few days to review the images, in terms of usability.

  • I will upload the selected photos in a smaller size, watermarked, to a Google Photos online folder, which will only contain these photos.

  • I am sharing the link of this folder with you. Apart from me, only you will have access to the pictures. In that folder, you can simply like the pictures you like. I can see which images have been selected in this way and I will post-process them later. Of course, we can discuss any modifications that you would like to make.

  • I will upload the images selected by you and post-processed by me - in large size and high quality .jpg - to a Google Drive folder. I will provide the contact information for this. I choose Drive because here the quality of the image does not deteriorate after uploading.

  • You can then download the images from the folder for your own use. I will cancel the online photo folders 10 calendar days after the creation of the ready photo Drive folder.


These images will then be your own property, with full user rights in your hands.


How can you order more?

As a basic service, we offer a given amount of images, the price covers that given amount.

But what if you like more pictures so much that you don't want to give them up?

There is a solution for that too.

Extra pictures can be ordered above the packages at the following prices:

  1. For 1-10 extra pictures: HUF 1,200/picture

  2. For 11-20 extra pictures: HUF 1,100/picture

  3. HUF 1,000/image for more than 20 extra images


For a large group/family package, you ask for 32 pictures. This is 14 more images than the 18 images included in the package. Based on the conditions, this means an extra fee of 14 x 1,100 = HUF 15,400.

Another example is portrait photography, where if you ask for 14 photos, then the extra 4 photos, the extra cost of which will be 4 x 1,200 = HUF 4,800 on top of the basic fee.

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